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* Swing * Swing * Swing *

Racy gypsy guitars, nimble melodies, airy snare drums and Marina‘s uniquely charming voice conflate into a nostalgic cocktail - ready to be enjoyed not only at breakfast but also in the evenings at the dance café, bringing immediate smiles to everyone.
The world’s smallest Big Band played their first show in February 2015 and has been touring ever since. So far they have been to The United States, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Rumania, Hungary, Slovakia, France and Austria.

Just one year after the release of their Debut LP „Small“, Marina & The Kats are back in the studio.  And this time, the outcome is a vinyl double-album called „Wild“, which features no less than 16 new songs.

Marina & The Kats take you on a dreamy journey into the times of Django Reinhart and Cab Calloway, the Divas and the Crooners, the Lindy Hops and the Collegiate Shags, and you still land softly in the here and now.
The band’s third birthday is coming up and not only have they built up a reputation internationally, but are also transforming their experiences and impressions of over 180 concerts into the new songs. Reasons enough to be curious about what stories the Austrian musicians will have in store on their third studio album!

Press Quotes:

„Rising the curtain for M&TK.  They are really only three but they do swing like a dozen.“ Hessischer Rundfunk

„With their take on modern swing as well as their own original tunes, this trio is on its way to conquer the hearts of European music lovers. “ O-Tone Music

"Above all, the sound of her voice was fascinating: rigorously present, crystal clear, almost sharp - and of irresistible charm." Rheingau Musik Festival / Wiesbadener Tagblatt

"Apart from Marina’s charming voice, her sophisticated play with the brushes on the snare drum is admirable. Marina & the Kats are certainly unique within the Central-European music world. Their premiere at Ingolstadt was a concert truly worth seeing and hearing." Donaukurier

“Marina & The Kats are indulging in Swing and the music of the Ballrooms.  Vintage feel is perfectly celebrated with a Gipsy-Guitar, loads of style and singer Marina Zettel's charming and seductive voice.” Jazzthetik

„Small is beautiful – like a fresh breeze of air, the music of M&TKs is floating out of the speakers “ JazzThing

„The singer plays with her brushes on the snare drum while singing, the bass player is also hitting the bass drum and the guitarist is plucking the strings in best Gypsy Jazz tradition. Their virtuosity is obvious but never forced. Here, Jazz is music to dance to and above all, it’s what it (also) was in the 30ties: Pop.“ Ö1 / Austrian National Radio

"Recorded as if at the legendary Capitol Records studio of 50ies Hollywood, yet refreshingly modern"  Lüneburger LZ

„This record is to die for! Of gorgeous lightness, it instantly puts you in a good mood“ Aachener Zeitung

"We are totally in love with marina and her kats! This band get the hole redaktion to swing along the day with a smile on everyone's face! Even outsidein the streets everybodody is starting to dance when we put in this fantastic record!" - & PARADOX Magazin und Radio